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Dirt Trackin app for iPhone and iPad

4.0 ( 7520 ratings )
Games Racing
2.99 USD
Current version: 4.0.03, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 18 Nov 2014
App size: 325.42 Mb

These high horsepower sideways sliding monsters are a thrill!
Challenge your skills to some of the most technical racing on mobile, these cars arent for the faint of heart. Realistic looking venues and cars, immerse yourself in the stunning 3D graphics!

If you are a Dirt Track fan, this is the game youve been waiting for!

This App is NOT recommended for iPhone 4 or lower devices.

Game Features:
-Late Models, Modifieds, and Street Stocks
- Career Mode
- Car Customization for Late Models
- Real World Drivers
-Bobby Pierce
-Chris Ferguson
-Devin Moran
-Kent Robinson
-Bub McCool
-Stormy Scott
-Eddie Carrier Jr
-Morgan Bagley
-Frank Heckenast Jr
-Jackie Boggs
-Riley Hickman
-Dustin Linville
-Brandon Thirlby
-Chris Simpson
-Scott Bull
-Mike Spatola
-Timothy Culp
-Chase Junghans
-Chris Madden
-Jason Feger
-Delmas Conley

-Real World Modified Drivers
-Ricky Thornton Jr
-Mike Harrison
-Jeff Curl
-Mike McKinney
-Rodney Sanders
-Devin Gilpin
-Nick Hoffman

- 11 Tracks
-Lucas Oil Speedway
-Fairbury American Legion Speedway
-Brownstown Speedway
-Kentucky Lake Motor Speedway
-USA Raceway
-Atomic Speedway
-Portsmouth Raceway Park
-Gateway Dirt Nationals
-Floodplains Speedway (Fictional)
-Dirt Trackin Motorplex (Fictional)
-Elbows Up Speedbowl (Fictional)

- Control the way you want: you can touch or tilt to steer
-Touch Arrows
-Virtual Touch Steering Wheel
-Tilt Steering
- Adjustable laps from 5 to 100
- Adjustable AI strength
- Eye catching laptime tracker at the top of the screen, always know how you match up
- Highly competitive AI
-8 Player Multiplayer

Pros and cons of Dirt Trackin app for iPhone and iPad

Dirt Trackin app good for

This app is pretty awesome. Hope to see more tracks, drivers, and multiplayer from separate iPhones. Perhaps a tour or championship, and setups... Would be great. I also think the Scott Bloomquist lookalike Scotty McCrotchtop is funny. Looking forward to the next update.
You should make it so you can make you car type your gears name your chassis make your colours it would be more fun like that and put wissoda drivers in it.
Please add cautions and sprint cars to make this game better.
This is a great game, but I think you should add the Brewerton speedway and a go-kart class and a backyard track
I love the game but the new update was supposed to have career mode
This is a great game love the effort you are putting out. There is one more thing that you should add well a few more. 1 you should add the track that has the $40,000 to win track "Mississippi Thunder Speedway" 2 You should add Kenny Schrader and Wallace.3 the track fast lines or and add tacky or slick options thanks for the updates. Also you should add Stormy Scotts modified. Thanks again.

Some bad moments

It would be better if you can upgrade and buy a new car and do championships
I race dirt Modifieds myself and we rarely turn left in the corners while on the gas. The actual game is well done you just need to make the actual handling of the cars more realistic where youre sliding and turning the wheel right while on the gas in the corners! I would play this game a lot more if you could change the handling of the cars. Try to replicate the handling of the Dirt Racing 3D game in the App Store. They have the handling aspect perfect but do not have nearly the graphics of your app nor is that app as professional. I just want a dirt racing game that has great handling aspects of it. Just give it some thought and if there are any changes made to better the handling I will obviously change my rating! Please read my critique of this wonderful app.
Add 4 cylinder and limited late model and add Richmond ky race way and career mode and yellow flag
Tim, the reason dirt track racing is dying is because the kids are not introduced to the sport like they were back in the day. Kids now days are glued to their game councils. I think you should charge more for this app and take all that extra money and make this game on Xbox one and ps4. I would not have a problem paying 10 bucks or even more for this app and Im sure Im not the only one that feels that way. Keep racing alive and make this happen. Your the man for the job.
Game is overall awesome. Will be way better once online bugs are worked out. I would recommend this game to anybody that likes racing. Well worth the 2 dollars. When online, all other cars constantly glitch and there is no contact with them. Sometimes my throttle pedal quits working. The only problems are in multiplayer. Great time waster.
Love everything about this game! Wish they would add Jason Hughes and Jonathan Davenport.

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