Dirt Trackin App Reviews

99 add

Good, but room for improvement

So far its awesome, speaking from an actual drivers point of view; physics are good, tracks are good, car models are good, but theres room for improvement. The AI driving line is a little of, the turns are good but they stay waaaay too close to the inside coming out of the corner, and speed them up a bit; even on hard its easy to pass. Ahhhh, add some more AI drivers, add button controls, add more tracks, and if you can you should add damage, and flags (red flags, caution flags etc..) and pit road. This has a lot of potential, so far I love playing it, but again, theres room for improvement. Thanks guys!

Dirt trackin

It would be better if you can upgrade and buy a new car and do championships

Great App

This app is pretty awesome. Hope to see more tracks, drivers, and multiplayer from separate iPhones. Perhaps a tour or championship, and setups... Would be great. I also think the Scott Bloomquist lookalike Scotty McCrotchtop is funny. Looking forward to the next update.

More fun

You should make it so you can make you car type your gears name your chassis make your colours it would be more fun like that and put wissoda drivers in it.

Needs sprint cars

Please add cautions and sprint cars to make this game better.

Need more sliding!

I race dirt Modifieds myself and we rarely turn left in the corners while on the gas. The actual game is well done you just need to make the actual handling of the cars more realistic where youre sliding and turning the wheel right while on the gas in the corners! I would play this game a lot more if you could change the handling of the cars. Try to replicate the handling of the Dirt Racing 3D game in the App Store. They have the handling aspect perfect but do not have nearly the graphics of your app nor is that app as professional. I just want a dirt racing game that has great handling aspects of it. Just give it some thought and if there are any changes made to better the handling I will obviously change my rating! Please read my critique of this wonderful app.

Good game but PLZ READ

This is a great game, but I think you should add the Brewerton speedway and a go-kart class and a backyard track

Career mode

I love the game but the new update was supposed to have career mode


This is a great game love the effort you are putting out. There is one more thing that you should add well a few more. 1 you should add the track that has the $40,000 to win track "Mississippi Thunder Speedway" 2 You should add Kenny Schrader and Wallace.3 the track fast lines or and add tacky or slick options thanks for the updates. Also you should add Stormy Scotts modified. Thanks again.

Cole awesome game

Add the coleman MOTORSPORTS street stock 601-674-6330


Love the game, should add yellow flags and restarts, and sprintcars would be awesome


This is my favorite game, but I would love if you could add a career mode

Awesome Game

Love the graphics and physics, as well as the constant updates. Keep up the good work! Ps: sprint cars would be sick

Best dirt racing game

The game is now one of my favorites. Excellent graphics Fun racing And a tip try experimenting in the turns it is a thing you figure out fast

Best Dirt Track Game Available

This is a good fun game to kill time. Nice that it gives you different classes to choose from that involve slightly different driving styles. With that being said, the AI needs to be more competitive. Even on hard you can win with little experience playing the game. Only thing I would change is that you could have more AI competition. 12-15 cars would make it much more interesting

Five Star

This is by far my favorite dirt track racing game but it could use some tweaking such as maybe adding a career mode, cautions, restarts, and Brian Boozes B2 car along with Transtan Stoners M14 car to the game as I personally know both. This is a five star game and is highly recommended for anyone considering buying this game.

What is needed

Needs Humbolt speedway and sprint cars

Tilting the left wheel

Im a street stock emod and late model racer and ally cars lift the left wheel and the game needs all the flags and when you flip you get put in the pits and there should be a pit area so that you can park you car and you can come off and on the track when your class is about to race

Need Zack Mitchell

Game is great but would like yall to add the 57 Machine of Zack Mitchell

Add sprints and all flags

I will give 5 stars after you add all the flags and add sprint cars to the game. More cars in a feature would be more interesting and challenging.

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